College Q&A

Hello and welcome! Today I have cultivated some of your guys’ advice questions that you have emailed me. I will keep them anonymous.

  1. Is it easy to make friends? -R

R, yes it can be fairly easy to make friends. But at the same time, some people may have a hard time with it. I for one, tend to be shy so my first semester of college I did not even try to put myself out there. Like most people say, you should definitely look into what clubs that your school has to offer. I ended up joining Psychology Club at my school and it was a good opportunity to meet people. Another great way to meet people is to introduce yourself the first week of classes! Every day for at least the first week, sit next to new people and introduce yourself. My go-to is to compliment somebody and a conversation usually starts from there! I wish you the best!

2. What do you do if you and your roommate don’t get along? -E

E, I have experienced this first hand! I have had two years or bad roommate experiences and one year of okay roommate experiences. My best advice would be to get out of the room as much as you can. Go workout, go study in the library or at a cafe, or even just hangout at a friends house. You should also try to talk to your roommate. Communication is key in all aspects of your life! If these two things do not work or if nothing seems to work, change roommates. Simply put, you might just need to up and leave. I wish you the best!

With that all being said, I invite you to email me at: for any questions, comments, or ideas for topics you might want to learn more about. Thank you for reading and I will talk to y’all in the next post! Xoxo



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