Let’s Get It Started

Hello and welcome! I have started this blog after gathering inspiration from being a college student. In this blog I will be chatting about all things that college women may experience during their education career. Have a problem you need advice for? Email me! Want to know more about a specific topic like how to … Continue reading Let’s Get It Started



Get out and conquer the world today.XOXO

College Q&A

Hello and welcome! Today I have cultivated some of your guys' advice questions that you have emailed me. I will keep them anonymous. Is it easy to make friends? -R R, yes it can be fairly easy to make friends. But at the same time, some people may have a hard time with it. I … Continue reading College Q&A

What Time Is It? 6 Tips For Time Management

Hello and welcome! Today’s topic is something that a lot of people struggle with, myself included! Great time management takes practice, but is not hard to master! Let’s dive right in…Create S.M.A.R.T. goals.SpecificMeasureableAchievableRelevantTimePlan and prioritize. A tactic that has been helpful for me as well as some of my friends is a simple little thing … Continue reading What Time Is It? 6 Tips For Time Management